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While completing my sculpture BA I had to build an online portfolio its here

So this for the time being will be my online presence

btw I got a first 🙂

Glass eats Light

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Glass, sculpture

My experiments with float glass and glass glue different types of light with these sculptures

Another Night at the Bathhouse

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The event pop up exhibition went extremely well see photos below 🙂

Loads of people turned up to view the artists on show (see list on post below)

Another Night at the Bath House

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A pop up exhibition

manor place flyer2
the press release goes something like this
A show from Camberwell final year sculpture students and a couple of painters.
Gaffa tape and portraiture, video and cleansing agents, Hawaii Five-0 meets Torquay Vs shattered glass and refracted light with a rock-n-roll hall of fame soundtrack miming in the background.

An intriguing mixture of styles and dialogues presented via sculpture, painting, installation and performance.

Materials will include but not limited to, glass, clay, wallpaper, soap, wax, light, mixed media and Neil Diamond.

Presented exclusively to you for one evening only, not to be missed.
December 10th 5 till 8 pm. Drinks and treats provided gratis.


Patti Ellis and myself were asked to represent LAT[E]WI and sit on a panel for the launch of Year of Resilience (YOR). A 2 day international academic artistic conference.
Patti talked about the students participation and showed the film that came out of the symposium. (I’ll post a link when it goes live.)
I talked about squatting housing and my contribution to LAT[E]WI. (featured 3 posts down)
My presentation was quite time limited but went something like this

I also showed a short version of this which I consider to be as much activism as art.

Rusty Globe

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A commission for a piece of outdoor sculpture personalised for the client.
The T frame steel globe has a rust coat treatment to give it a Cortain steel look. The glass panel across the diameter of the steel globe has a world map sandblasted into it then small cast glass domes in blue glass placed on the map to the specification of the client highlighting places they have lived or have connections with.


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I was part of the LAT[E]WI team that organised a symposium in Peckham. To run on the 28th and 29th of May, The symposium included talks, workshops film screenings and an exhibition.
We had regular meetings at the Stormbird in Camberwell and within the college from January until the symposium happened. During the first meetings different people took on different roles.
I helped with the contacting people who would be on the panels of the various talks. Another one of my roles was IT and social media, I procured a domain name for the project, http://www.latewi.co.uk and facilitated web space for a site. I started and maintained 2 facebook event pages one for the screening and one for the exhibition.
I contacted and negotiated with the directors of the film Concrete Heart Land. Which was screened in Wilson Road lecture theartre. The screening was followed by a directors talk which I chaired.
I designed 3 posters that were printed as publicity, one for the symposium itself, one for the film screenings and one for the exhibition. (See following pages)
I was also involved in the selection team that juried the exhibition applicants, though I was asked to leave the room when my application was considered. My pieces were accepted for the exhibition.

Fire water and Gas

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For the LAT[E]WI @ Safehouse exhibition I presented cast manhole covers.
The maze of tunnels, waterways and drains is hidden to us, though we are never far from one or more. From original Victorian sewers to modern cable channels these permeate all aspects the city and a very necessary part of city living used by everybody irrespective of class, gender, age or race. These pieces with their connection to the Aylesbury estate will be a lasting memory of the estate itself for it is due to be demolished in the coming years to make way for expensive apartments. These apartments will not house the original occupants who are being moved out of the area, they will be beyond the financial range of those living in the vicinity at present, this process of reallocation is in general terms called social cleansing or if you prefer gentrification.
The network of channels and tunnels will most probably remain to service the new buildings but the manhole covers will probably be replaced, thus erasing every thing that was above ground.
I took moulds from manhole covers and cast them in unlikely materials metals silicon plaster wax and glass. I situated them in unlikely places within the dilapidated house that was the gallery.

My piece consisted of 2 IKEA like shelving units facing each other across the gallery space. On each shelf there were seemingly wildly different pieces from a variety of historical periods, much like the cabinets of curiosities of the Victorian period. The objects are placed in such a way as to produce narratives that would not happen in a normal setting but in such a way that they are not overly suggestive of any one story.
With my cabinets of curiosities I am aiming to produce a semiotic system where the viewer can take meaning from the pieces in the display. Theorist Roland Barthes is quoted as saying “Photographs capture moments in time and play them back for us through our own experiences memories and transactions” so too I believe can objects.

I am trying to do the same thing with the objects I collect and display. All objects have a history and therefore a meaning. Meanings which can also be interpreted as stories but stories that will be different to each individual viewer. Like Rosemarie Trockel I want to leave the interpretation of what I display open to my audience. I want to let them come to their own conclusions about the relative meanings and interactions within my cabinets.

A full size Mausoleum to commemorate the passing of my friend but also to remind people of the inevitably of death for all of us. A 5 minute video of Gizmo and the park we visited is presented within the structure, viewed through a window with water running (crying) down the surface. It also looks at the connections and benefits between animals and people.