Gizmo the Dog

Posted: August 30, 2014 in film, Gizmo

On Saturday night 16th August Gizmo died, he had a heart attack or a stroke or seizure we are not sure which but it was very quick and I think in no pain.

I was going to go to the park at 8.15 and I called him when he didn’t show I looked all through the house and couldn’t find him I checked outside the front door and then in the studio but no sign of him I then looked into the garden on the right side, and he was there just lying on the ground as if asleep, paws out like he used to do when Marion and I watched videos upstairs. He looked quite peaceful but I knew he was gone. He must have got through the hole in the fence there beside the studio where he watched the cats next door from. He was only there for about 20 minutes I think. I remember him racing through the kitchen and barking in the garden about 1/2 an hour before when I was having something to eat.

I brought him home and sat with him for some time, the neighbours came over until our friend Katie came round, she stayed for a few hours. I was on my own, that night but I didn’t want to leave him alone so stayed in the house with him that night. I had phoned my parner who was in the country hiking with a friend and she got home on Sunday and along with a few other friends buried him in the garden at about 4pm.
It would have been his 9th birthday on the Monday.

As you can imagine I was really shocked when I found him which has worn off now and so was my partner when I rang her but I am still bursting into tears all the time its difficult to type now cause my eyes are all blurry we are all so upset it was so sudden.

Everything in the house reminds us of him and his presence (and fur) is everywhere. I think its even harder for my partner as she has no experience with the pet/friend thing before Giz, at least I know what to expect with the crazy emotions kicking in and the sense of loss.

He was a small dog who had a big heart and presence and I know everybody who met him was influenced by him.

So I ask you, the next beer/wine you have raise a glass to our fluffy, happy, frivolous, cat chasing (never too close), squirrel stalking, ball and stick loving, dear friend and companion. Andrew x


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