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My piece consisted of 2 IKEA like shelving units facing each other across the gallery space. On each shelf there were seemingly wildly different pieces from a variety of historical periods, much like the cabinets of curiosities of the Victorian period. The objects are placed in such a way as to produce narratives that would not happen in a normal setting but in such a way that they are not overly suggestive of any one story.
With my cabinets of curiosities I am aiming to produce a semiotic system where the viewer can take meaning from the pieces in the display. Theorist Roland Barthes is quoted as saying “Photographs capture moments in time and play them back for us through our own experiences memories and transactions” so too I believe can objects.

I am trying to do the same thing with the objects I collect and display. All objects have a history and therefore a meaning. Meanings which can also be interpreted as stories but stories that will be different to each individual viewer. Like Rosemarie Trockel I want to leave the interpretation of what I display open to my audience. I want to let them come to their own conclusions about the relative meanings and interactions within my cabinets.

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Posted: January 22, 2014 in collections, sculpture

We had an assessment on the 21st and this is what I showed  IMG_5989crop

IMG_5991  IMG_5993cropIMG_5990cropIMG_5992crop  

Its to do with space and collecting and the displaying of collections and the receptacles that could be used to house various items of a collection when put on display.

wax & card, wood metal, unfired clay and mixed media.