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First academic essay, this is it

Posted: January 30, 2014 in writing

Referencing the past to talk of the future: The collections of John Soane and Adrián Villar Rojas


When I was a child I saw many collections in large houses that I visited with my mother: glass fronted cabinets, glass topped cases filled with objects d’art, even groups of curios laid out on tabletops. These collections were a remnant of the British colonial past and the conquerors’ preoccupation with the cultures they subdued. Since then I have had a fascination with collections of objects, both as a collector and an artist. I share this passion for collecting with many contemporary artists, for instance Rosemarie Trockel,[1] Leonardo Drew [2] and Mark Dion’s Tate Dig.
By reflecting on collections put together by two very different men in different times, circumstances and societies, I intend to show that both colonial collectors and contemporary artists using collections of objects are referencing the past to speak about the future.
To this end, I will compare and contrast Adrián Villar Rojas’ ‘Today we Reboot the Planet’ installation at the Serpentine Sackler gallery (2013) and the Sir John Soane’s Museum  London, (1823) namely the collections housed in the Monument Court and Monk’s Yard spaces.



First public piece of art

Posted: December 19, 2013 in writing

OK so its not up yet but will go up in the new year sometime.
It’s going up under the railway bridge next to my house which is a no through road  pedestrianised area.The road is called Cambria Road and so the whole thing under the bridge has the theme of the Cambrian period  (543 million years ago)

glass tileGlass tile

Its a community art project on and already has some art up but its got too cold now to cement pieces to the brickwork so I’m going to have to wait till the new year to see it installed.  Its part of the 7 bridges project and the first of many projects in the local area.(depending on the funding received)