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I went to this last week amazing show, it made me laugh a lot but also provoked many thoughts on art politics Ideologys amongst others.

This piece was in the show

and Jake is wearing a 2000AD t-shirt

But unlike many shows you can photograph whatever you like!

3rd Sculpture

Posted: November 10, 2013 in sculpture

Asked to make something related to on screen digital image that appeared 3D. I made something that approximated the building blocks used for making landscapes in games.
Its white as texture and colour are added later but you can see that if you had lots of these you could arrange them in any configuration.

IMG_5678crop IMG_5684crop IMG_5685crop

2nd sculpture

Posted: November 3, 2013 in sculpture

A project to make a free standing piece from found objects I did this in 2 days!
IMG_5553_4_5 crop2
It was meant to be an angel but didn’t have enough time so.. it turned out like this more like a transformer. All polystyrene packaging from mac computers and used as is, not cut in any way.

First Post and first sculpture

Posted: October 4, 2013 in sculpture

A condensed history of 20th century art/sculpture.

So my first piece for college.
As a summer project we were given 5 texts to read, all from Art in Theory 1900 -2000 the first by Clement Greenberg on Modernism the other four on Post Modernism, Craig Owens, Rosalind Krauss and two by Jean-Francois Lyotard.  All hardcore art theory! We were also asked to make a piece which was inspired by our reading, its a huge subject and didn’t lead me to any particular thing so I decided to do an overall view of some of what I’d read, hence the broad nature of this piece.
Its occurred to me that I’ve always thought outside of the box but this time I’ve been thinking inside the box since I constructed a box or cube to house my condensed history.

1 2

3 4

Each photo from top anti clockwise
1 Typical gallery, installation (space, light and sight) & Sensationalist.
2 The birth of photography and film, outdoor/public art, Dada & Studio glass.
3 Outdoor/Public art, Abstract (after Malevich), Digital art, Gilbert and George (Living sculptures) Found object Maetal sculpture & Minialism.
4 Land art, Sensationalism, Primitive art, Found object Metal sculpture.