Posted: June 15, 2015 in LATEWI, SYMPOSIUM

I was part of the LAT[E]WI team that organised a symposium in Peckham. To run on the 28th and 29th of May, The symposium included talks, workshops film screenings and an exhibition.
We had regular meetings at the Stormbird in Camberwell and within the college from January until the symposium happened. During the first meetings different people took on different roles.
I helped with the contacting people who would be on the panels of the various talks. Another one of my roles was IT and social media, I procured a domain name for the project, http://www.latewi.co.uk and facilitated web space for a site. I started and maintained 2 facebook event pages one for the screening and one for the exhibition.
I contacted and negotiated with the directors of the film Concrete Heart Land. Which was screened in Wilson Road lecture theartre. The screening was followed by a directors talk which I chaired.
I designed 3 posters that were printed as publicity, one for the symposium itself, one for the film screenings and one for the exhibition. (See following pages)
I was also involved in the selection team that juried the exhibition applicants, though I was asked to leave the room when my application was considered. My pieces were accepted for the exhibition.


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